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I tackle any project, with leadership, kindness, and vision on the set.  I have extensive knowledge of post production, and firmly believe before you start a project, you must see how to end it first.  That discussion MUST take place on your first day of pre-production. 

First off,  I LOVE showbiz... It keeps my blood flowing.  I enjoy everything about making T.V., Film, and now, New Media, or Internet Content.  I am prepared to tackle the internet with content and bring your audience to you, as well as Film and Broadcast T.V.

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Over fifteen years experience as a dynamic visual storyteller in Hollywood, working as a director, editor, actor, producer, writer & STORYTELLING.


Specialties: DSLR Filming and Delivery,

as well as Film and Broadcast T.V.

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We can guide your production needs through concept, writing, shooting, directing and editing.  


So contact  us if you would like a consol on your production needs and I will help you make your needs reach the screen.


We  look forward to hearing from you.


Haze Gray Productions  LLC

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